How To Improve Your Page Ranking For A Specific Keyword

SEO doesn’t always work the way we would like. It is normal for Google to rank a page for keywords apart from the ones for which we would like the page that is particular to rank.

1. Find Baseline Ranking

Figure out where your page ranks now for the keywords you would like to improve, before doing anything else. Without a baseline, you’ll not have the ability to measure improvement.

2. Explore Variations

You’re looking for just two things. First, find editions of your goal key word, especially longtail keywords. Second, look in the competition for every single of these key words. You will use this data.


3. Review On-Page SEO

Now that you’ve set expectations that are realistic, you may start doing some actual work.





4. On-page SEO Is The Starting Point, Especially

Page Titles  Contain your target keyword (or editions) but don’t do keyword stuffing.

Page Descriptions It is still very important to provide a custom description for every single page of your site, especially the pages you intend to rank higher, although Google may select not to show your description on the SERPs.

H1 Tags The H1 tag is just not necessarily the same as your page title tag, but it should comprise variants of your target keyword.


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